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My favorite 15 of 2015

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Now that 2015 is long in the rear view mirror, I am finally getting to take a good look at some of my Vermont photos taken in 2015.  My job is to find my 15 favorites.  I am not saying that these photos are my 15 best or even if they are good photos at, just that they are my favorites.  Their is no set criteria for landing in this list of 15, it could be the composition or the subject or many just my pleasant memory of that particular morning or location.  With that brief description, here are my favorites (in no particular order)

Hancock, VT.



A sunny but chilly November day at Texas Falls in Hancock







A Quite Autumn morning at Noyes Pond in Groton




Bridgewater, VT.



A late May spring day in Bridgewater




Warren, VT


A “soft” Autumn day on Long Pond in Warren





Weston, VT.



Spring in Weston




Groton, VT.



Infrared of fishing boats on Noyes Pond in Groton







South Reading on the last day of 2015







Peacham after a January snow storm




Groton State Forest




An Autumn morning on Rickers Pond  in Groton



Green Bay


Curious Cows in Green Bay









Old Structure on Noyes Pond in Groton (Infrared)





Spring Day in West Bridgewater





Groton, VT.


A springtime view from Owl’s Head Overlook – Groton State Forest





Perry, VT


Autumn reflection in Sutton





Green Bay


Winter Morning in Green Bay




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